Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ladd Fortune by Dianne Venetta

Here's your sneak peek of LADD FORTUNE, book #2 in the Ladd Springs
series by Dianne Venetta!

Lacy Owens has come back to Tennessee for a return to the fold, only
she’s done so on the heels of Jeremiah Ladd. He’s the prodigal son of
Ladd Springs—a mecca of natural springs, streams and trails in the
eastern Tennessee mountains—and he’s determined to reclaim the land as
his rightful inheritance.

Lacy cares little about Jeremiah’s plan. She simply yearns for the
comfort of family, but sister Annie Owens wants nothing to do with Lacy,
though sees opportunity in Jeremiah’s return. With him in town she can
finally prove paternity for her daughter Casey, and ultimately stake her
own claim in Ladd Springs.

Trouble is, Jeremiah’s father has already willed the property to his
granddaughter, Felicity Wilkins. She’s away at college, but fighting for
her rights back home is Malcolm Ward, partner in Harris Hotels, and a
man with a financial stake in Ladd Springs. It’s his job to see the land
remains in Felicity’s possession.

But when Malcolm falls for Lacy without realizing her hidden agenda,
his plans are put into jeopardy. In these parts, blood runs thicker than
legalities and feuds aside, it’s a hard lesson for a city boy from
California to comprehend.

Love and money are powerful forces but only one can prevail in Ladd
Springs. Which will it be? Find out in the second installment of Ladd

LADD FORTUNE, release June 2013.

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