Monday, June 2, 2014

She Sins At Midnight

Lila reached her hand out and Bitsy handed over the tabloid.  Lila couldn’t quite assimilate what she was seeing.  The entire front page was dedicated to her standing over a naked ball of Melinda, who through the miracles of photography, actually appeared to be groveling at her feet.  Lila looked like a demonic warrior princess as she towered over the hussy.  Creigh was bent over behind Melinda, massaging his freshly kicked leg.  But he too, appeared to be in a worshipful pose.  The caption read:
Loyal Subjects Pay Homage to Queen Lila
Lila was too mortified to speak.  Her dad interrupted her trance, “You better open it up, honey.  It doesn’t get any better.”

Lila couldn’t imagine it getting any worse, but of course it did.  The two inside pages were a time lapsed photographic essay of what occurred at Creigh’s pool the day before.  The first photo was Melinda walking nude across the lawn toward Creigh, the second was of her lying down on a chaise next to him, the third, of her rubbing her magnificent rack across his back, the fourth was of Creigh running across the lawn at Lila, the fifth was the cover and finally the sixth was of Melinda leaping at the photographer.  In the last picture she looked like some woodland nymph captured in mid-flight.  Unfortunately, even though most of the obvious parts of her anatomy were blurred out, there was no denying the fact that she was entirely al fresco.  Lila read on:
The latest adventures in the life of Melinda Forrester have taken quite a turn.  The actress was caught mid-peccadillo in the arms of her most recent conquest, her lawyer, Creighton Ashwood.  Let’s see, that makes the janitor, the agent, the movie mogul and now the lawyer.  This little missy either has a very short attention span or she’s just a tramp. Of course that’s just one reporter’s opinion.  The photos herein were taken at the estate of her legal counsel in Bentley Hills, Illinois, of all places.  (Who knew there were such goings on in the Land of Lincoln?)  The Amazon goddess on the cover used to be the assistant to Josh Furber, a.k.a. Lila Montgomery, the very same Lila Montgomery who has been relieved of her assisting duties because of Melinda’s claim that she was defaming the actress’s character.  Alas, I must restate, who needs to spread rumors when Melinda is so busy spreading herself?  When asked for a comment, movie mogul Oscar Solomon stated adamantly that the pictures must have been doctored as “Melinda would never cheat on me.  We are passionately in love.”  Mr. Solomon, not to bring up a touchy subject, but women always cheat on you.  I, of course, cite the first and second Mrs. Solomons and the trainer and pool boy, respectively.  Please, dear readers, stay tuned.  I imagine that the loves and conquests of Melinda Forrester are going to get even more interesting

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