Monday, July 7, 2014

Hasty Resolutions review

Hasty Resolution
Sam Taylor Mullens


Liz Parker takes her typical morning walk, which used to be runs until she was recently diagnosed with a heart condition. Now she takes it a little easier. She is the glue in her home, her husband travels for work and she supports their three children and is an elementary school teacher. It’s Sunday she is walking before going to church with her family when she is stopped by a man in a local farm field and they begin chatting when he snaps and make a decision  to take Liz. He takes her to his cabin just outside Calgary, Canada from her home town in Utah. None of this was in his plan, but now its too late to turn back. While Liz stays with Jake, she realizes he never meant her any harm and has treated her like royalty while in his care. She comes to understand that he treats her much better than her own husband does. She is balm to Jake’s pain.


This story starts out very unconventional, however Ms. Mullens has a way of spinning a story and building a relationship that takes readers through a barrage of emotions and situations. The character development and arc is written beautifully and will capture readers in the steamy romance that Liz and Jake create when it’s just the two of them and the beautiful rural land around them. The situations that include Jake’s PTSD episodes and how Liz helps him through them are touching and relatable. Grab the tissue box, this one will tug the heart strings. This is one in a series, it does stand alone but readers will want to pick up the next installment to see how the story continues.

4.5 stars

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Julie K.

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