Monday, July 28, 2014

My Soon-To-Be Sex Life

About My Soon-To-Be Sex Life:

Charlie is down to her absolute. Total. Last. Resort.

Despite a thoroughly comprehensive list of potential cherry poppers, er…suitors, and careful plotting, Charlie is three weeks into her devirginzation campaign, still untouched, and getting desperate. In the movie of her life, this aspiring screenwriter is giving herself a PG, for please, get some.

Her project goes into freeze frame when her mom checks herself into rehab and packs Charlie off to live with her estranged, or just plain strange, grandfather, Monty. How is she supposed to get a date when she has to go pick up his Depends? 

Enter Eric, a hot rehab grad on the road to redemption, and the only one who can make Charlie rethink her strategy. The more she gets to know him, the more convinced she becomes that is the one, and not just another to add to the list of people who will abandon her.

In this hilarious and heartbreaking story of one girl’s detoured road to womanhood, Charlie’s list develops a life of its own – right when she realizes there’s so much more to lose.

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About Judith Tewes:

Multi-published, award-winning author, screenwriter, and playwright, Judith Tewes resides in small town Alberta, where she: writes, sings, plays bass guitar in an all-woman band, walks her three crazy labs, and suspects she's living the life of a superhero's alias. A commercial writer writing under several pen names, Judith’s work includes: paranormal, steampunk, and contemporary young adult fiction, as well as thriller, horror, and dramatic comedies for the stage and screen. 

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My Soon-To-Be Sex Life: Writing Playlist

As a musician (I play bass / sing backing vocals in an all-woman band), a screenwriter, and a novelist – music, images, and words have always been lumped into one creative well. When I’m writing - music is playing. When I’m playing music - I dream up new story ideas based on the emotions / the mood of the song. And always, images / impressions of characters, settings, scenes flash through my mind which helps when screenwriting and storyboarding.

Music. Images. Words. They’re a triple threat of inspiration. But today, I’m here to share a few of the many tunes I had in a playlist while writing My Soon-To-Be Sex Life and let you know the corresponding scene. Yeah, so most of these songs are pretty sappy, sue me.

1. Stuck on You by Meiko – a little ditty that perfectly matches Charlie’s growing fascination with Eric, the guy she can’t get out of her head or her heart.
2. A Girl Like You by Pete Yorn – I used this tune to channel Eric’s point of view. Eric is a guy equally determined to achieve his personal goals as Charlie is…and he’s been waiting for girl like her to show him the way.
3. Ciao Monday by Emm Gryner – an oldie but this tune was perfect for those middle-of-the-book chapters where all Charlie’s plans were falling apart, as well as the lives of those around her.
4. Winter by Big Scary – mainly instrumental, I cranked this tune when writing the sarcastic, yet emotional scenes between Charlie and her mother. It has just the right amount of bittersweet and builds up to pure crisis.
5. My Old Friend by Sam Amidon. - this tune just feels like Monty, Charlie’s grandfather, as he slowly loses his memories of those he loved due to his struggles with Alzheimer’s. My own father fought a long battle with Alzheimer’s and much of Monty is modeled after him and his experiences in the early stages. There’s a reason they call this illness “the long goodbye”.
6. Stars and Satellites by Dan Griffin – the simplicity, the angst, the yearning in this song was perfect for Charlie’s ah-ha moment at the band house with a character that almost stole the show away from Eric – and just might get his own story someday.
7. I Am a Heart by Hey Ocean! This peppy and sassy tune captures the push and pull of Charlie and Eric’s rocky road to romance.


  1. Playlists--yay! (I'm okay with sappy.) ;)

    Love what you said about music, images, and words all mingling together in the creative well. I've never done any screenwriting, but as a musician and novelist, I totally get that inspiration-combo thing!

    1. I agree! Music can really inspire a writer.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Shari - what instrument do you play? You know I'm still trying to get that whole author band thing going. ;)

    1. Fantastic idea Judith. Author are Rock Stars!!!

  3. Guitar and piano. Author band would be a blast!! Maybe we can rock Surrey conference some year, lol.

    1. Sheri do you mean the conference in Surrey, any chance?

    2. Yes! SiWC -- I LOVE that conference. Going again this October. Have you been?

    3. Yeah! I am planning to go this year as well. I only just discovered this conference and I am very excited!

  4. Awesome, I play bass, so...yeah...let's freaking do that. Yup - we're talking about the Surrey International Writers Conference. ;)

    1. Well, I am not an author but I can sing! I am planning on attending that so that would be great to see you there!