Review Policy/Rating

Note*** Due to prior commitments I AM NOT ACCEPTING BOOKS FOR REVIEW AT THIS TIME.  If you would like, I can of course recommend other book bloggers. I am always interested in any spotlights, blasts or cover reveals so if I have dates available I would be pleased to post as long as the book falls under my preferred genres

Review Policy:

I am an avid reader and reviewer of a variety of books however, for this blog I am limiting it to the following Genres:
-Chick Lit/Women's Fiction
-Contemporary Romance
-Historical Romance
-Sweet Teen/New Adult Romance
-Historical Fiction
-Jane Austen Inspired
**No Horror or Zombies
Also when the general theme is kidnapping, abuse, rape, mental illness, surviving death, suicide and it is explicit in the story I shy away from reading this but I occasionally make acceptions.  It would be based on the book and my personal choice.

All Children's & Middle Grade books are reviewed on my Domestic Chanteuse blog

All reviews are added to Goodreads. Amazon, Librarything, BookLikes, Smashwords  when applicable. They are all also cross posted to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.
I always prefer when possible  Hard Copy/Print but do accept Mobi, E Pub, PDF, Kindle Gift, Kobo Gift or Smashwords Coupon/Gift. 
My reviews and those of my review team are personal and we give our honest opinions regardless of copy source. We do not receive any monetary compensation for reviews.
To Contact me: singitm(at)hotmail(dot)com  (You may also contact me via Goodreads)
Privacy Policy:
All e books (that are not gifted) and personal information are deleted after review is posted.
InD'tale Magazine Reviews: 

Reviews for InD'tale Magazine are professional and owned by InD'tale. All inquiries and submissions must go through the InD'tale Website:  For more information contact our Review Co-ordinator Tonya Smalley at tonyas(at)indtale(dot)com

My InD'tale reviews are not transferred to any of my other posting sites including this blog. If you have previously submitted a book and it was reviewed but not by me, I can consider reviewing it on this blog however, it will not be used in addition or in place of the previous review regardless of the star rating etc. on InD'tale Magazine.

My Rating System

1 star = I did not like it

2 stars = It was OK

3 stars = I liked it

4 stars = I really liked it

5 stars = I loved it

I also may add a half star or .5  when I think the book merits just up a bit more but less than a full star.

Thank you for considering me! Always happy to help when I can!
Margaret (Literary Chanteuse)

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