Friday, September 6, 2013

Sisters In Love review

Sisters In Love by Melissa Foster (Book one)

Danica Snow has always taken the right path in her career as a therapist and in her life. She has always played the obedient daughter and smart sister. Kaylie has always been the attractive one and given the room to express her inner talents. So when they happen to meet gorgeous Blake Carter it is no surprise that the attraction is on but....who will he choose?

Blake has never lacked for companionship but when a tragic event in his life occurs he is left in turmoil and seeks professional help. By complete coincidence it is Danica and now rather than follow the same road, he treads in a new direction. Thankful for the professional doctor/patient relationship  Danica is unable to follow her heart but uses her head instead. If only Blake and Kaylie would abide by the same game plan.....

A great story that takes you on a journey with a number of characters, from simplicity to complexity.  They are realistic and enjoyable to learn and read about. Blake is irresistible and one of the most pleasing male characters I have read about this year. There is a lot to discover about him through out the story and I found I was drawn to do just that. Danica is very likable. Although at times she is too passive, I still wanted her to have her happy ending.  Kaylie plays her supporting role in the story well but not as much in the limelight as I had anticipated. The side stories that develop give much of the fuel to the story and was an asset over all.
 I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series.

4 stars

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.



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