Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Diner Impossible


Author Bio:

As a girl, Terri L. Austin thought she’d outgrow dreaming up stories and creating imaginary friends. Instead, she’s made a career of it. She met her own Prince Charming and together they live in Missouri. She loves to hear from readers. 

Was I surprised that Sullivan owned a dark restaurant perfect for secret meetings and nefarious transactions? Nope. That top criminal in town, the one police chief, Martin Mathers, was ass deep in debt to? The very same hot tamale I’d been hanging with.  Last October, my friend Axton’s disappearance threw us into each other’s path. In spite of the fact that Sullivan didn’t concern himself with running a legal operation and I’d picked up a zany, new hobby that involved catching criminals, the attraction between us sizzled. Things started getting even hotter three months ago, right around Christmastime. Muchas gracias, Santa.
“What did the good officer want with you?” he asked.
“He wants me to look into the death of Delia Cummings, Martin Mathers’ secretary.”
Sullivan absentmindedly brushed a stray hair from my forehead. He said nothing, so I waited him out. This was our usual mode of communication. He’d wait for me to talk. I’d wait for him to talk. And I tried really hard not to crack first.
After approximately two minutes, I caved. “What are you thinking? Just spit it out.”
“Why’d he ask you to do this? The man’s a police officer. It’s his job, not yours.”
I tapped his chest with my finger. “You just don’t like him because he’s incorruptible.” Sullivan had a few officers in his pocket besides Mathers. His theory: always good to know what your enemy is up to.
“Everyone’s corruptible, Rose. You just need to find the proper temptation.”
“So cynical. Some people take great pride in their tight ass, by-the-book ways.”
His gold gaze was unflinching. “And do you like that Officer Thomas stays clear of people like me?” He almost sounded jealous and the tiniest bit defensive, which was ridiculous. He was too secure with his own shiz to suffer from such petty emotions.
“He’s a stickler and you know how I feel about those,” I said.
“A stickler who asks you to do his job for him. Because he either can’t, or won’t, get his own hands dirty.”
“Officially, he can’t. He wants to feed me info. And since I can break those pesky rules he has to follow, he thinks I might find the truth.”
He thrust his fingers through the length of my hair, seemingly fascinated as he watched it fall back into place. “Ah, the truth.”
I searched his face. Shallow groves framed his sardonic grin. “What? You think the truth is corruptible, too?”
“The truth is subjective. It’s just a matter of perspective.”
“Bullshit, Sullivan. The truth is the truth. It’s an absolute.”
“On that we’ll have to disagree. So, are you going to do it?”
“Can you think of a reason why I shouldn’t?”
“Several. Searching for a killer is dangerous. You owe nothing to Andre Thomas. I’d wager that if you get into trouble, he’ll forget he ever knew you. And you’ve risked your neck enough over the last few months. Call me crazy, but I like you breathing.” He reached out and held his palm over my heart. “It’s more fun that way.” He dove in for a swift, hard kiss and squeezed my breast at the same time.

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  3. Yep- no doubt about it. Each book I've read in this series makes me fall more in love with Sullivan. Next time someone asks me who I'd most like to meet, my answer will be Sullivan. Congrats on the new release Terri.