Thursday, July 31, 2014

Entwined review


By: Gladys Quintal
4 Stars

An ARC was given for an honest review.

Addie and Janine are best friends and live across the street from one another. Janine has an older brother, Holt. Addie has had a crush on him practically her entire life. Holt on the other hand barely knows she exists or does he? Addie has vacationed with the family for years and Holt has been taxi for the girls to get them to school and home. As soon as the girls graduate high school they have plans to move to the city and start college. Holt is also a part go this plan his his parents have set up an apartment and included Addie in the plans, she wants to attend medical school and gets a modeling job to help off set expenses. Feelings finally surface for Addie and Holt but are they able to act on them?

Ms. Quintal writes a tale with twists and turns that many readers will not see coming. Just when it seems obvious the plot changes. The three main characters will capture the hearts of many, their maturity and sense of independence is refreshing for these young adults. There are many circumstances that arise that are dealt with in an adult fashion but believable for young  adults too. The high drama and suspense that is portrayed will leave readers unable to set this one down until the end. This story will leave many wanting for more and to be able watch these characters change and grow together. Be sure to add Ms. Quintal to your list of favorites!

Julie K.

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