Sunday, July 20, 2014

Two Tickets to Paradise review

Two Tickets to Paradise
By: Scarlett Jade
Contemporary Novella
4 Stars

Eve just found out that her fiancé has been having and affair and the timing could not be worse. It’s a few days before her birthday, which is Christmas Eve, her favorite time of year. Along with a surprise trip she purchased for them to escape for a warm holiday in Aruba. Now all she can do is wish for a Christmas miracle and find someone willing to accompany her on her non refundable trip. She’s enjoying her coffee at a local coffee house and when she’s ready to leave a handsome man enters and she turns back to stay and buy him a  coffee. What does she have to loose? After a brief conversation they discover a few things in common and she invites him to use the other ticket she’s purchased. Two hotel rooms and her birthday in paradise, why not?
Nick is delightful and he also loves Christmas, he has some time off and would love to leave the New York snow for a warm vacation.

Although a hasty meeting and quick start to traveling with a complete stranger Ms. Jade creates warmth between the main characters which leads to a believable start to a potential relationship.
The holiday details that are incorporated to the story are sweet and will get many into the holiday spirit. This sweet novella is deftly written and leaves readers cheering for their relationship to turn to love. The twist ending is cute with a bit of whimsy and leaves reader smiling, hearing bells and wanting for more!

Julie K.

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