Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Charming for Mother's Day by Gina Ardito review



Lucinda Soto is a widow and a survivor of an abusive relationship. She struggles to get by and raise Ariana, her 8 year old daughter. With her father in laws help and support, she and Ariana are doing fine. That is until reality T.V. chef Colin Murreire takes over her father in laws restaurant and flips her heart upside down. Ariana decides to play fairy god mother to ensure her mother gets the happy ending she deserves, by trying to hook her up with Colin. Unaware of the past they have shared, Ariana is determined to win this prince charming for her mother while Lucinda is determined to resist his charms and cast him into the role of villain instead.  Will this fairy tale have a happy ending?

A wonderful light romance that is inspired by fairy tales and not just any fairy tales but the Disney kind. Lucinda is strong and witty.  She epitomizes the phrase "when life hands you lemons.......  You feel her struggle with raising a daughter, balancing school, work and having come out of an abusive relationship. She is admirable. She resists change every step of the way but eventually falls under the spell of love.  Ariana is crafty and clever.  Very much like an 8 year old I know well. She is inspired by Disney fairy tales and the hope of love conquers all is her driving force.  Ultimately wanting to see her mom happy and loved. Ariana easily is at the true heart of this story. Colin plays the role of the rogue but really down deep is a loving person. He fits the prince charming character quite well. He reveals his love for Lucinda and never gives up. The kind of love story that makes you sigh....and keep believing in happy endings.

4 stars

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review


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