Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Secret Sisters by Sandra Byrd

 4 stars

Tess is starting the 6th grade and has the comfort of knowing her best friend Colleen will be by her side on that first day. When they are not in the same class Tess begins to fear. Colleen shows her true colors when she starts a club with new best friend and popular girl at school, Lauren. Will Tess be included or will her social life be non-existent.

Tess is a girl who is caught up in all the drama that comes with being in the 6th grade. When her confidence is low she seeks solace with her best friend who turns out to not be a real friend at all.  This is one of the many lessons she learns in this book. She is a nice girl who starts to build her self esteem and when new and true friends come along she knows who they are and to value them.

In the second segment: Her new best friend Erin introduces Tess to god and she begins to discover new feelings for Tom, Erin's brother.  She also learns a new and valuable lesson when she borrows her mother's earrings to a dance and they go missing.

I liked that once again Tess is learning who she is and just what she is made of.  Her support system this time around consists of a new best friend Erin.  Erin has a strong faith in god and brings in a new element to the story. There are a lot of situations and feelings that young girls can relate here. Over all a great book and a wonderful start to this series.

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